Dear Syrians,

A certain group of people wanted to destroy the service for a long time.
First they have stolen our domain
Then our website.
Then they created fake abuses about

They do not want Syrian people to chat safely in peace. They want money. At any cost.
Let them celebrate!

I was supporting this free service without getting a dollar from it.
Now I don't have time to play their child games.

Today, Thursday 27 August 2015 I announce SyriaTalk, as you knew it, permanently shut down.
I wish you all the best in the future online chatting.


Abuse message

From: Aboud syriatalk <>
To  : Abuse


I want to warn you about a client on your system using your dedicated
servers is providing a communication platform for ISIS on his ejabberd
server ( | and you can check that all his
users are from Syria, Iraq and Turkey.
People are saying that this person may be a member in ISIS.

I hope from you to check about it and take the necessary action.

I've attached my evidence that prove my report is true.

I see this server must be disconnected and suspended and legally prosecuted.

P.S I'm sorry for the horror pictures

My hope is to clean the world from the terrorists and live in peace.

Kind Regards,

Aboud (romance angel)

(fake images of "terrorist chatter" attached)